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JGH Associates has hands-on experience of manufacturing many toiletry products including:

  • shower gels and body washes
  • bath foams and bath soaks
  • talcs and dusting powders
  • handwashes and soaps
  • shampoos and conditioners
  • perfumes and eau de toilettes

We can give advice on:

  • ingredient selection
  • mixing and processing bulk products (solids and liquids)
  • chilling and/or heating
  • filtering
  • bulk storage and product transfer
  • fill, cap and label bottles, tubs or jars with liquid or solid products
  • extrude, press and wrap soaps

JGH Associates can assist with:

  • preventing microbial contamination (resolving any¬†occurrences)
  • batch numbering and ingredient traceability
  • process documentation
  • quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
  • achieving good manufacturing practice (GMP)

We can help you meet these requirements.